Burger Battle Watertown is about to open

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The Burger Wars have started in Watertown and will continue throughout the month of February.

Many restaurants in and around Watertown are excited to compete for the title of Battle Burger Champion, and the Watertown Chamber of Commerce and Ace Newberg are excited to host the event.

“It’s just that the chamber is doing everything it can to help the community and help out when times are slower,” said Sean Dempsey of the Chamber of Commerce.

For a community like Watertown, an event like this is important.

“It’s getting a lot of attention, you know, people are excited to try something different, and we’ve been in our homes for about a month with -10, so it’s just something new and fun and exciting, and we’re all here we are. Who doesn’t love a good burger?” Sean explained

The Watertown Brewing Company has used local produce to create its burger, with bison, pork belly, barbecue sauce, honey and even peanut butter.

“It’s a really nice blend of sweet acidity and heat, those were the things I wanted to marry together, and at the same time with a very South Dakota-based product.” said Michael Hower of Watertown Brewing Company.

Dempsey took a more tropical route.

“It’s maca loco, it’s wild rice, burger patty, habanero domeque, over easy egg, we put hot chili on it with a little bit of spice on it and on top of the bun.” Description Sean Dempsey of Dempsey

Harry decided to become a new classic favorite.

“Our burger is a Philly specialty, so it’s a Philly steak burger. We cook onions, green peppers and red peppers, with mushrooms and three cheeses. Then we top it with our homemade smoked cheddar sauce.” said Harry’s Ryan Wilfahrt

You can check out the Watertown Burger Battle throughout the month of February.

To vote for a returning hero Here.

Go to Watertown’s Burger Wars for more Here.

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