Body camera footage shows a Killeen man shot six times by police

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) – On Monday, KWTX News 10 got its first look at body camera footage from an incident involving Killeen police officers that happened two years ago.

Back to January 16, 2021, Truman McCollum Jr. rear-ended another car at the Burger King crossing on East Stan Schlueter Loop. His relatives say that at that time he had a severe stroke.

The 25-minute body camera footage begins with a Killeen police officer approaching a man in a blue pickup truck that was rear-ended by a gray Dodge Challenger.

“Hey man what’s up?” the officer tells the man in the truck.

An officer with a camera walks up to the Challenger that McCollum is in. During the interaction, most of the body camera is focused on the floor, but McCollum does not answer the officer’s questions.

“Sir, are you talking to me?” Officer McCollum asks.

Firefighters eventually took McCollum to the Killeen Fire Ambulance at the scene. When he is called to the emergency room for an incident, the officer returns to the blue truck.

“Watch that taser!” one officer tells others inside the ambulance.

Inside, we see McCollum being held on a stretcher by officers. McCollum, who is black, has been charged six times in total.

“Double him, double him,” says the officer inside the ambulance.

McCollum is eventually handcuffed and placed in a Killeen police car.

“I saw you moving around and I was like ‘oh’, did I feel you?” an officer with a body camera says to another officer.

Police officers will then consider possible charges. In addition to resisting arrest, they are charged with assaulting a police officer and driving at a dangerous speed.

“Can we go with resistance?” one police officer asks another, not the one with the camera.

“The only issue I see is that he could be charged with resisting, how do you say he was fit enough to realize you were a cop?” the police officer answers.

The video ends with McCollum still in the police car.

McCollum was eventually charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest. The Bell County Odyssey Portal criminal records search lists two of McCollum’s charges as misdemeanors.

The Killeen Police Department confirmed that two of the three police officers named in the case are still on the force. The department did not say whether they had launched an internal investigation into the incident.

On Monday, two attorneys filed a civil lawsuit against the three police officers involved in the incident, as well as the city of Killeen.

“If you stop it, it’s not going to be my son next time, it’s going to be your son, your mother, your father or your daughter,” said McCollum’s mother, Rev. Diana McCollum.

Family attorneys said at a press conference that the city failed to train police officers about the signs and symptoms of seizures.

A spokesperson for the city of Killeen confirmed they received the lawsuit. Both the city and the Killeen Police Department told KWTX News 10 they could not comment on the litigation.

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