Blood is needed for a Maui firefighter seriously injured in a flood

WAILUKU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A Maui firefighter who drowned in a storm drain during last week’s flooding is still fighting to survive.

24-year-old Tre Evans-Dumaran is in desperate need of a blood donor.

Close friends are posting updates about his condition online. The latest released Thursday afternoon said Evans-Dumaran is making slow progress. It said that after he was temporarily sedated, he moved his leg and began to respond to commands.

The website also says Evans-Dumaran needs a lot of blood to keep oxygen in her body while her lungs work to recover.

The site is asking the public to consider donating blood as soon as possible, as Hawaii’s blood bank is in critical shortage.

“Tre is a true hero,” said Hawaii Donor Services Director Fred McFadden. “The need for blood is constant and ongoing, especially for traumatic situations like this.”

The message says that any blood type is appreciated. Relatives say Evans-Dumaran needs Type-O positive blood.

“We always want to have at least a three-day supply of all blood types,” McFadden said. “We generally have one and a half days less blood. So yes-pos, o-neg donors, please get out and support your blood drive. It is important that you come out and help us with this problem. “

There are no permanent blood banks on the neighboring islands. However, the blood bank on Oahu is open seven days a week and distributes blood throughout the islands. They also visit each town regularly.

“You have the potential to save three lives with one blood donation,” McFadden said. “We need 200 blood donors every day to meet the needs of our 18 civilian hospitals.”

The Hawaii Blood Bank is tracking donors who come specifically for Evans-Dumaran. Just use the sponsor code 1898.

The next blood show is in Maui in March. To schedule an appointment, visit bbh.org or call (808) 848-4770.

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