Are you under 30? The Fineco fee is free

Fine, the leading bank ranked No. 1 by Forbes, offers an integrated banking, credit, trading and investing solution in a single account. For the young people up to 30 yearsthe account management fee is free as well as convenient investment conditions, including Italy shares at 2.95 euros per order, US shares at 3.95 dollars and PAC in ETFs without fees.

All new customers can take advantage of a welcome gift in the form of a 50 euro Amazon voucher. Customers over 30 years old can also enjoy it 12 months of free subscription thanks to the ongoing promotion. This is a unique opportunity to save costs and get all the digital banking services offered by Finom at the same time.

Manage your money, without the need for a wallet

Fineco offers numerous advantages which include banking, credit, trading and investment services within a single account. Here is an overview of the main ones:

  • Smart withdrawals from UniCredit ATMs without a card, just the QR Code on your smartphone
  • Tap&Go digital payments: place your smartphone or smartwatch at the POS in shops to pay
  • Fineco Payexchange money with your contacts in real time and without costs, directly from the app
  • Instant wire transferssend and receive money in real time and make payments in seconds, even from apps
  • Maxi purchase: increase your Visa Debit limit for one day, up to 5,000 euros

Other benefits include cash and check deposits at any time at no cost at advanced UniCredit branches, free and unlimited transfers in Italy and to 250 countries in 20 different currencies, online payment MAV, RAV, car tax, utilities, bulletins, taxes and levies, Telepass service request and mobile top-up without commission.


Access to the multi-currency account, cards and investments, as well as all operations, is done through a dedicated application, which guarantees security thanks to the use of fingerprints and Face ID. Most operations are free and the fee is free for customers under the age of 30 or for the first twelve months for those who open a Fineco account by 30 June 2023. Furthermore, Fineco also offers a good Amazon worth 50 euros as a welcome.

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