Android 14: when the beta and the stable version arrive

It’s been a few days since Google gave us the first official taste of Android 14. The first Developer Preview has arrived for its smartphones, with some interesting hints on what to expect in terms of news for the next versions.

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Along with the first Developer Preview of Android 14, important information has also arrived timing of distribution of the next beta versions. To understand this we can see the official timeline shared by Google, which you can find below.

With the following list, instead, let’s summarize all the Devloper and Beta versions that we must expect before the first stable version of Android 14:

  • Developer Preview 1 (February): Initial base build focused on developer feedback, with new features, APIs, and general system execution changes.
  • Developer Preview 2 (March): Incremental update with additional features, APIs, and general execution improvements.
  • Beta 1 (April): initial beta release, this will be the first version that will arrive via OTA to all those who join the official beta program. It will therefore be a public release.
  • Beta 2 (May): Incremental update of the first beta version.
  • Beta 3 (June): This is the first beta candidate to be stable.
  • Beta 4 (July): Build being finalized. Final test to then distribute the stable.
  • Beta 5 (July): Build being finalized. Final test to then distribute the stable.
  • Final version: Android 14 release final for AOSP

At the moment, Google has not indicated the official timing for the release of the first stable version of Android 14.

Let’s say, if everything goes as planned and like last yearwe can expect the first stable release for mid-August.

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