Analysis: The Super Bowl was good for everyone

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — The Super Bowl had something for everyone.

Long before Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the NFL’s biggest winner of the season hit the field. Damar Hamlin gave a standing ovation to the men and women who saved his life at the pre-election ceremony..

Hamlin’s third performance of the week was the best feel-good moment in a day full of inspirational themes.

Mahomes and Jalen Hurts made history in the first Super Bowl to have two black starting quarterbacks. Hurts was amazing, but Mahomes played through an ankle injury and rallied the Chiefs from a 10-point deficit. 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

It was another lesson in overcoming adversity and rising to the occasion playing in front of hundreds of millions of viewers on the biggest stage in sports.

“I appreciate it because of the setbacks,” Mahomes said of his second championship win in four years. “I mean, not losing the Super Bowl and losing in the AFC championship game gives you more appreciation for standing here as a champion.”

Siblings featured in the first Super Bowl featuring two brothers who played on different teams. All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce caught a touchdown pass to help his team knock off All-Pro center Jason Kelce and the Eagles. Mama Kelce was everywhere during the week, sitting in a suite between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Hamlin.

“I can’t tell him anything other than I love him and he’s had a hell of a year and a season,” Travis Kelce said. “To see my family in all its glory and get all its flowers, my mom to be in the spotlight on the Jumbotron before the game on the biggest stage, and to get closer to my brother during the season and meet him. It’s the best feeling. world. I don’t know how many more I have left, but I will cherish it forever.”

Donna Kelce was the most famous mom in Arizona until Rihanna showed up on a hot afternoon show. The superstar singer started and ended his spectacular performance on a sliding deck on a platform suspended in the air.

And she did it while pregnant. Rihanna’s rep has since confirmed that she is she is pregnant with her second child.

“It’s so cool for Rihanna to let a football game be revealed during her pregnancy/concert” the fan wrote on Twitter.

Even the ads had a warm and fuzzy vibe. Advertisers used familiar faces, light humor and adorable dogs in the $7 million 30-second ad.

About the only negative on Super Sunday was a controversial penalty on the final drive of the game, which angered viewers as the referee again affected the playoff game. A defensive call on Eagles quarterback James Bradberry allowed Kansas City to keep the ball, run the clock, and Harrison Butker hit a 27-yard field goal with 8 seconds left.

But Bradberry quickly quelled the anger, saying he kept listening.

“It was a holding. I took off his shirt. I was hoping they would let it slide,” Bradberry said.

On a day full of unifying events, Bradberry’s confession was a prime example of a breakdown in dignity.

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