air fryer with double basket for €50 LESS

Do you like cooking for many people? Or simply can’t do without it because you have a large family? Then I have found the right offer for you. Go to Amazon now and put it in your cart Ninja Foodi air fryer for only 179.99 eurosinstead of 229.99 euros.

Enjoy the 22% discount that allows you to save 50 euros on the total. Furthermore, this offer also includes the possibility of buying immediately and paying in installments with Cofidis at check-out. Thanks to its large space for cooking divided into two zonesyou will have the opportunity to indulge yourself with many different and always good preparations.

The air fryer Ninja Foodi is equipped with a 7.6 liter double basket total which guarantees you the possibility to cook for at least 10 people. You can choose whether to make the same preparation in both zones or whether to cook two different foods. Has 6 preset programs to speed up the most common preparations. In addition to frying without oil, you can also heat, dry food and cook in the oven.


Thanks to the practical display digitale, you can also choose to manually set the temperature and the timer. You can decide to have one temperature and mode in one zone and another temperature and cooking mode in the other zone. This will greatly speed up your preparations and significantly change the way you cook. Both baskets are removable and so it will be easier to wash them.

There really isn’t much else to add, except to reiterate how difficult it is for such an attractive offer to last much longer. So go to Amazon now and buy yours Ninja Foodi air fryer for only 179.99 euros, instead of 229.99 euros. If you complete your order now, you will receive it at your home within a few days at no extra cost, thanks to Prime services.

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