A useful PDF feature comes to Drive

Google Drive is the cloud platform that BigG offers on smartphone, tablet e PC to manage all content synced with your Google account. We’ve seen several evolutions for the platform over the years, and in the last few hours, the Android app has received another novelty.

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The news we’re talking about comes as an update to the Google Drive Android app. It’s about the ability to affix annotations ai file PDF previewed in Drive. Annotations can be entered either via touch that through pennafor devices that support pen input.

So let’s go and see come Access the newly introduced feature:

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Drive app.
  2. To enter preview mode, open the PDF to which you want to add an annotation.
  3. In the lower right corner, tap the button Write down.
  4. One will open toolbar with multiple annotation options. You can use the pen or your finger to select an annotation tool.

It is currently possible to annotate via highlighter of various colors, classic pennathen we find the eraser to remove or fix annotations and an undo/redo button.

At the end of the operations it will be possible to save PDF file or create a copy.

The new feature just introduced is being distributed for everyone who uses the Google Drive app on Android devices. Within the next few weeks the rollout should be completed definitively.

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