A robot joins the security team at Henderson Casino

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – The future has arrived at M Resort with what will be the first robot of its kind to patrol a Las Vegas Valley casino.

“I was a little taken back that we might have a Star Wars character here,” said Jim Pazza, a guest at the M Resort.

“His name is M Bot,” according to M Resort vice president of marketing Patrick Durkin.

M Bot is an autonomous robot programmed to travel throughout the resort property, including the parking lots. FOX5 saw several people taking photos and videos of the M Bot Friday night.

“We’re always looking for ways to make our guests feel better when they visit the property,” Durkin said.

Officials tell FOX5 that the M Bot has 50 sensors and cameras that record and can be viewed in real time on a computer.

“And probably the coolest feature is that it has a button that says, basically, press me to contact security,” Durkin said.

The dispatcher can then talk to the person through the robot to see if they need help, he says.

The robot can also talk to people. Officials say it can say things like hello, welcome, sorry, authorities have been notified and move away from the device, among others.

The robot will stop if someone or a car gets in its way. Officials say it also sounds so people know it’s there.

Officials also say the M Bot weighs about 450 pounds, so trying to steal it would be very difficult. Additionally, they noted that the M Bot has GPS tracking so officials know its location.

M Resort officials say the robot is not intended to replace any human security work, but instead compliments the security team as another resource.

Durkin says they get about 22 hours of roaming each day from M Bot. Like an electric car, the M Bot knows when it needs to be charged. It returns to its charging station, recharges, and then returns to patrol.

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