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In these hours the first model in the world of has emerged on the net AirPods Pro con porta USB Type-C and… no, Apple didn’t make them, but a fan directly from the web.

AirPods Pro: here is the first model with USB Type-C

We know that Apple is a company that has created a series of products that communicate perfectly with each other; we speak of ecosystem to indicate a set of interconnected and multifunctional gadgets; everything runs smoothly like oil but the flaws are certainly not lacking. One of the criticisms we hear most often is related to the lack of USB Type-C on the company’s phones and headsets. In fact, the company still adopts the old Lightning technology, although it is said to switch to the next-generation feature soon.

Meanwhile, an engineer named And Pilonel (famous for making the world’s first iPhone with USB Type-C port) has just created a new hybrid masterpiece. He managed to change the connection of the first generation AirPods Pro, changing the port and inserting the Type-C. Not happy with all this, he also made a video illustrating the process and uploaded it to YouTube. For the printing of the new circuit he used a 3D machine.

There have certainly been many mistakes and attempts – before achieving success – there have been many; to enjoy a new 3D printed circuit it took a lot of study but above all, it took a lot of tests. All the schematics are present on GitHub, so they can be purchased by anyone who, if they have the right equipment, wants to recreate the experiment at home. We don’t know how Apple will take it; the Cupertino OEM could also sue the guy and take the matter to court. In any case, the Cupertino company has an ultimatum: it must completely switch to USB Type-C by December 28, 2024 if it wants to continue selling its products in Europe.

In related news, we point out that the AirPods Pro (2022) They are su Amazon a 249,99 €shipping included.

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Source: YouTube Exploring the Simulation

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