32 inches of SHOW with this AOC Curved Monitor (-26%)

Want to do your favorite video games justice with a high-end screen? From today you can do it thanks to this 32 inch curved monitor of AOC. Perfect for placing on your desk to enjoy every aspect of your most coveted titles.

Now you can buy it on Amazon for only 214€ thanks to a saving of €75 that you can have through the discount of 26%, isn’t it extraordinary? Hurry to complete the purchase before the offer ends.

If you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, remember that you can receive it at home with free and fast shipping throughout Italy.

Jump into the action of your favorite titles with this monitor from AOC

With this AOC 32-inch Curved Monitor you can ensure a truly incredible and professional gaming experience. In fact, I can personally assure you that a monitor made especially for gamers is the best and allows you to always feel inside the action. Plus its curved design allows you to have a great view so you can have depth.
monitor corvo
Unleash the potential of your graphics card with an image refresh rate of up to 165 Hz and with a response time of 1ms. This, combined with his low input lag, it guarantees you perfect sharp and lag-free images especially if you are a competitive FPS player. You can also choose up to 6 game modes to make the most of this amazing monitor.
Of course it features: 1 VGA port, 2 HDMI, 1 displayport, 4 USB ports so i 2 speakers. Its 32-inch size will give you a wide view in resolution FULL HD which will be even more extraordinary thanks to the power of your processor and your video card.

monitor corvo

Do not wait a second longer and buy on Amazon your AOC 32-inch Curved Monitor at the extraordinary price of 214€ thank you for the 26% discount offer.

With your Prime subscription you can receive it at home with fast and free shipping throughout Italy.

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