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Microsoft 365 Family just keeps getting cheaper and, thanks to new Amazon offer, there is a chance to significantly reduce the cost of accessing Microsoft’s subscription service. Currently, in fact, the bundle that includes 15 months of Microsoft 365 Family and 15 months of Norton 360 is proposed to discounted price of 58 euros instead of 182 euros with one 68% discount.

For those who are exclusively interested in Microsoft 365, therefore, this offer allows you to reduce the monthly cost for the service to just 3.93 euros. The promotion is valid for a limited time and can be used via the links below. The code for activating the subscriptions is sent by e-mail immediately after the purchase.

microsoft 365 Familiy

Microsoft 365 Family bundled with Norton 360 is the real deal: here is the offer from Amazon

Con Microsoft 365 Family you can access everything office suite, both on Windows PC and on macOS, iOS and Android. Also note that subscribers also get 1 TB of OneDrive storage for each family user. The subscription plan allows you to register up to 6 users.

With the new Amazon offer it is, therefore, possible to obtain 15 months of Microsoft 365 Family and 15 months of Norton 360with a single bundle, al discounted price of 58.99 euros instead of 184 euros. The offer guarantees a 68% discount.

It is a very convenient promotion also for who are exclusively interested in Microsoft 365 Family which, for only 12 months, costs 99.99 euros. In this way, however, it is possible to drastically reduce the cost of the service, up to spending the equivalent of 3.93 euros per month. The offer can be accessed from the link below:

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