Xiaomi from SFIZI TECH for (much) less than €20: 3 unmissable gadgets

It seems absurd to spend so little on these exceptional gadgets Xiaomi. Still, it’s about tech whims that you can lightly take off because they all cost less than 20€ on eBay now. Thanks to limited-time promotions. Shipping is free, but you’ll need to be super fast to get your business done.

The extraordinary Mi Band 4C it’s a activity tracker perfect as an ally for everyday life. It helps you manage incoming notifications on your smartphone, monitors your heart rate and is the perfect personal trainer. While you train, he takes care of keeping track of your results. Get it at a great discount for just €15.99.

The powerful and compact speaker audio wireless Mi Portable is an elegant concentrate of technology, easy to carry around. Connect it via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and other compatible audio sources: you can enjoy an exceptional audio experience wherever you are. Indeed, thanks to the presence of built-in rechargeable battery, you can exploit its potential wherever you want, without any cable constraints. Get it in promotion for €18.89: put it in the cart and – before completing the order – apply the code “CASA23”.

Last but not least, the excellent wifi repeater a Double antenna, which is ready to give a powerful boost to your home or office wireless signal. Position it where you notice a drop in power of your wireless connection, it will take care of allowing the signal to “bounce” becoming stronger and reaching points where previously it seemed impossible to have a WiFi network available. Network technology a long range (2.4Ghz) makes it the perfect device to use to connect many smart home devices simultaneously. Get it on sale for just €15.90.

Since they are beautiful Xiaomi tech deals there are ifs eBay to much less than €20? Take advantage of the moment’s opportunities to do great deals. Shipments are absolutely free, but product availability is limited.

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