which service to choose for advanced users?

The adoption of a VPN occurs, in many cases, for its classic purpose: to protect a connection with respect potential unwanted looks.

However, this does not mean that these services can offer ample room for maneuver in other sectors as well. In fact, when we talk about an advanced VPN, we are referring to a platform capable of bypass geoblocks and access content reserved for specific territories.

Provider come Private Internet Accessthanks to performance above the industry average, also allow the use of streaming content, without annoying phenomena such as buffering.

It should also be considered how, thanks to these tools, it is possible to obtain goods and services at a lower price by choosing a IP address different from the real one. Just think about the airline tickets which, in many cases, can be purchased for almost half the cost.

Advanced VPN? Security, high performance and ease of use

Private Internet Access is a VPN service on the rise, with more and more fans around the world.

The reasons for this success are many: first of all, we are talking about a project open source e no-log. It is therefore a service that will evolve over the next few years and, above all, that offers the maximum possible guarantees on the side privacy.

The easy configuration and the built-in ad blocker, are other factors highly appreciated by users. Similar speech for the supportactive 24 hours a day both through live chat that through e-mail.

The system of split tunnelingil torrenting support and the extremely tweakable settings have finally contributed to the excellent reputation of PIA.

How much does this VPN cost?

In spite of what it offers, Private Internet Access is available at a fairly affordable price. In fact, with the two-year subscription, it is possible to pay for this service just 1.99 euros per month.

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