Waco PD, FD responded to “dozens of calls” amid Central Texas ice storm

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Slippery and icy roads are keeping Waco police and fire departments busy today.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick and an increase in motor vehicle crashes and fall injuries,” said Waco Fire Department Lieutenant Keith Guillory.

Both emergency responders tweeted Tuesday morning that they had responded to dozens of calls.

For the Waco Police Department, the majority of calls received were for vehicle accidents, rollovers and rollovers due to ice.

“You’re going to see maybe cars spin a little bit, maybe cars spin and hit other cars,” Waco PD Public Information Officer Sierra Shipley said. “Luckily, we didn’t really get seriously hurt, but we did total a number of cars.”

In the case of the Waco Fire Department, they have seen an increase in calls due to medical emergencies from falls.

“Most of our medical calls were due to falls,” Guillory told KWTX. “And also in this type of weather, you have to know the layer. We say look for the three P’s, and of course you’ve probably heard these: people, pets and pipes.

These accidents didn’t just affect McLennan County. Sergeant Brian Washko with the Texas Department of Public Safety says he encountered multiple crashes as he drove through Bell County Tuesday morning.

“I was rolled over by a car that was overturned in the middle of the interstate in Robinson,” Washko said. “I broke it off with him and luckily he was fine and everyone involved was fine. But when I was there, a lot of cars were approaching at high speed and they almost hit my car.”

While conditions are expected to get even worse Wednesday, Waco PD, the Waco Fire Department and DPS all have the same message to stay safe.

“Please drive slowly, please drive carefully and if you can, stay home today,” Shipley said.

“If there’s a day to stay home and not go to work, or if you can possibly work remotely, today is the day to do it,” Washko said.

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