The Homestead Cafe is hosting a benefit dinner to raise money for the new space

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The Homestead Cafe hosted a party this weekend as the rebuilding process continues. Just two days before Christmas, a fire destroyed a Waco restaurant that has been around for more than 30 years.

“We just started getting so many emails, texts and Facebooks asking how can we help?” said Andrew Taylor, general manager of Cafe Homestead. “Is there any way we can support you in some way?”

The restaurant is located on the Heritage Homestead property. The staff will transform the event space on the property into a full-service restaurant.

“Yeah, all the employees we’ve had since it burned down, and they’ve helped us rebuild that space.”

Sarah Lefever said she has been going to the restaurant for more than 20 years and wanted to show her support.

“We were heartbroken for the community,” Lefver said. “The cafe is like the heart of the community. We come there to get good food and see our friends.”

Taylor has not set a price for the meal. However, all donations raised will go towards the new home of the Homestead Cafe on the property.

“A lot of the focus in terms of what we’re going to do with the money is to upgrade the chairs and tables,” Taylor said. “We want to be sure that everything we get can be made by hand.”

The special benefit event kicked off on Friday and around 350 people came out to show their support between the two days.

“Just hearing how much Homestead Cafe means to them and being a part of the anniversary celebrations, it’s really touching,” Taylor said.

From Tuesday, the temporary renovation welcomes guests for lunch during the week. After February 11, the space will open for regular dinner hours.

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