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This article comes from my personal reflection made several months ago; in addition to the classic articles, I have a very particular profession. I work with videos, and specifically with documentaries. This implies that I very often find myself editing heavy files, full of videos shot with different cameras, with different settings, but above all with clips of various kinds. I am a user Apple: I own iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, so my choice for the new computer, a year ago, had to fall essentially at home.

Mac mini with M2 Pro: The choice for professionals

Finding myself editing for hours, I needed a fixed desktop solution that could be right for me, as a result I eliminated the 14 and 16” laptops for obvious reasons and above all to avoid making the wrong use of laptops thus ruining the battery.

I wanted with all my heart a 27″ iMac with the new design, and with the M1 Pro/Max solutions inside. Unfortunately the Cupertino company didn’t satisfy me, but almost a year ago it presented the Mac Studio (which I then bought) which, in part, fell within my strings. This involved various compromises, but that’s another story.

Also, there was one factor to consider: the price of the Mac Studio was (and is) exorbitant; not everyone can afford to spend as high as €2,349 on a single computer, with peripherals to be purchased separately.

Mac mini

The solution is that it would have been right for me, it was definitely a Mac mini with M1 Pro. Unfortunately we never had it but now, after so much waiting, we have the highly anticipated Mac mini with M2 Pro with a very attractive introductory price: 1579,00 €.

I won’t list all the technical features, but you just need to know that this computer can handle frighteningly high workflows, it is absurdly thin and small that it can almost be defined as “portable”.

In my opinion, it represents the ideal choice for those looking for a good machine to work with, in the professional field, with photo and video editing, but also with which to produce music, or do programming.

If, on the other hand, your usage is much more basic, then I suggest you purchase the Mac mini with M2: it costs very little, solo 729,00€shipping included.

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