Protection or freedom… The legislature will decide on Friday

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – On Friday, lawmakers discussed vaccine discrimination, IDs and vulnerable adults.

On Friday morning, the bill banning masks, vaccines and testing discrimination came up in the Labor, Health and Human Services Committee.

The bill would prevent people from complying with any medical mandate regarding Covid-19, which includes testing, masking or vaccination.

“I do not think that individual freedom does not end where the fear of another person begins. If they feel fear, they are free to get vaccinated and wear masks. But I don’t think it’s fair to make medical demands on other people because you feel unsafe,” said Rep. Jeanette Ward, HD 57.

“Many of our colleagues in the Legislature have run on this issue … So I think we’re going to see a lot of energy on the floor and a lot of passion and we’re going to see some interesting speeches on this next week,” he said. Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, HD 08.

The bill was approved 5 to 4.

If you own a gun, the next bill could allow people to use a different ID to vote.

Concealed ID carries more information than a driver’s license, but it’s not acceptable for voting ID, and they think that needs to change, according to lawmakers.

“We have a background check; more details are involved than a typical driver’s license. So I can’t tell you everything, but it’s much more detailed to get.”

The bill was accepted in the second reading in the Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee considered a bill aimed at protecting the elderly from financial exploitation.

It does this by allowing financial institutions to flag suspicious activity on accounts to prevent seniors from being taken advantage of or defrauded.

“We have small banks. A bank teller knows that a person may have had an account there for years. “We have to make sure that when they think something is wrong, it’s not,” said Sen.

It was unanimously approved by the committee on Friday.

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