Police say 3 killed and 4 injured in recent shooting in California

LOS ANGELES (AP) – At least three people were killed and four others were wounded in a shooting in Los Angeles early Saturday morning.

It was at least the sixth mass shooting in California this month.

Sergeant. Frank Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the shooting happened just after 2:30 a.m. in Beverly Crest, an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Four of the seven people who shot were standing outside. Three killed people were in the same car.

Their identity has not been announced. Those who were injured were taken to the hospital and their condition is critical.

Preciado said he did not know what led up to the shooting or whether it happened at the residence.

It is not yet known if the suspect or suspects are in custody.

The early Saturday morning shooting follows a massacre at a dance hall in a Los Angeles suburb last week that left 11 dead and nine injured, and a shooting at two Half Moon Bay farms that left seven dead and one injured.

The killings hit a state with the nation’s strictest gun laws and one of the lowest rates of gun deaths.

For the third straight year, the US has recorded more than 600 mass shootings in which at least four people were killed or injured in 2022. Gun Violence Archive.

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