Mitchell looking for additional water sources

Mitchell, SD (Dakota News Now) – With water use in Mitchell, the city is looking for new ways to deliver water to the community.

City officials say they have been monitoring city use for several years, given the increased demand for water in the community.

With the expected increase, Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson says now is the perfect time to address this need.

“What we found was that during the peak summer season we’re getting more than we should be getting from the water source,” said Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson.

With so much water being used, the city believes adding a second source could help with reliability.

“We have the ability to get more water through our current provider, but with the price difference being so close, a secondary source is invaluable, and if something happens with the other water, you’ll have a backup,” said Joe Schroeder, the community’s director of operations.

It is said how important these projects are for society.

“Mitchell has been very aggressive with our utility projects because we’ve been in a situation where we haven’t done much in a long time, and now I feel like we’re catching up,” Schroeder said.

As they work to get there, Everson says it’s important to consider the cost to residents when considering options.

“The commercial side is going to have a little bit more cost, while the residential side is going to hopefully see a little bit of a decrease, ultimately everybody’s going to see an increase because you’re going to have to pay forty or fifty million dollars for that improvement,” Everson said. .

Everson says residents could see a second source of water between 2025 and 2027.

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