Goodbye iTunes: the historic app is also replaced on Windows

Apple is preparing to say goodbye to the historic iTunes application. In previous years, the virtual music store (which has since become much larger) had been broken up into different apps, such as Apple Music, Apple Books and Apple TV. But the service still held out on one platform: Windows. At least until today.

In fact, with a new Windows 11 update, iTunes is destined to disappear forever. Obviously, users will not lose their purchases and will still be able to use them within the Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices applications, available for the first time on the Microsoft Store. These will also allow you to subscribe to Apple’s streaming services if you wish to do so, and to manage backups and synchronization with other devices.

However, these applications still can’t do everything. In fact, there is still no functionality to access downloaded books and podcasts. Apple could decide to add this service to the app, or even create a fourth one.

From now on, iTunes for Windows will no longer receive updates, and it will stop working as soon as one of the new apps is installed. You can therefore continue to use it, but unless you are particularly nostalgic, it is better to make the change. At the moment the new apps are only available in beta versions of Windows 11, but they will probably arrive soon for everyone.

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