Dunleavy celebrates historic election with inaugural prayer dinner

Fairbanks, Alaska (KTVF) – The historic election of Governor Mike Dunleavy was celebrated in Fairbanks with an inaugural prayer reception.

Governor Dunleavy and his lieutenant governor, Nancy Dahlstrom, celebrated the beginning of the next four years with an inaugural prayer reception on Saturday, January 28 at the Westmark Hotel.

A large number of business leaders, politicians and aspiring students gathered at the event. Prayers, speeches and music marked the main points of the feast.

Lt. Governor Dahlstrom addressed Dunleavy and spoke about his previous work in government and the importance of the historic re-election. “Today we really have a lot of celebration. Seth pointed out that we have the first governor up for re-election in 26 years, but we also have the first Republican governor up for re-election in 46 years,” Dahlstrom said.

Dunleavy is the first governor since Tony Knowles won re-election in 1998. Along with the governor’s re-election, Dahlstrom has a new opportunity. He says he prays that he will have the strength and wisdom to carry out his new duties. “I am grateful for this opportunity governor. Thank you. Thank you for asking me to serve with you. I am honored to do so. I am honored to serve all of you and look forward to serving as much of the state as possible. walk,” Dahlstrom said.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Bryce Ward introduced Governor Dunleavy. “It is my honor and privilege to be asked to introduce Governor Dunleavy this morning,” Ward said.

During the governor’s introduction, Mayor Ward spoke about the importance of recognizing that we live in Alaska and the Heart of Gold community. “As Alaskans, we come to this inaugural breakfast with gratitude for a state with abundant resources, for resilient people and strong leadership focused on the opportunities that exist for our state today and in the future,” Mayor Ward said.

When Dunleavy took the stage, he spoke about his past and his relationship with Fairbanks, as well as its significance. “When I first ran for governor, the first piece of advice I got was, ‘Whatever you do, you have to win Fairbanks, because historically if you don’t win Fairbanks, you won’t win the governorship,'” he said. Dunleavy.

Dunleavy said that’s because Fairbanks is the heart of Alaska. However, he suggested that the feelings of a heart of gold found in Fairbanks extend across the state to all Alaskans, and that’s why he lives and serves in Alaska.

“We may argue, we may fight, but there is no place in the world where you can be a stranger and you can be on the side of the road with a flat tire and people will help you. If you need anything done with your house and one of your family members isn’t feeling well, they’ll help you right away,” Dunleavy said.

Dunleavy said the people of Alaska will be at the center of his agenda for the next four years of his administration.

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