RCS chat groups become safer: can we say goodbye to SMS?

L’SMS it was the means by which many of us, especially the more experienced ones, began to communicate virtually without resorting to classic voice calls. They just passed 30 years from the first SMS, when we are now at the dawn of new standards.

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We are clearly talking about RCS messaging, the communication protocol that has now become a global standard. The latest news concerning it consists in the introduction of greater securityespecially for i chat groupswith the introduction of the crittografia end-to-end just for RCS groups.

The crittografia end-to-endwhich we discussed in detail in this articlerepresents the standard of security and privacy more stable and reliable in the tech context. Its implementation also for chat groups in RCS messaging is a big step forward for this standard.

The novelty just introduced by Google comes in beta for those who have joined the Messages app beta programthe same one that implements the full support to RCS messaging.

With the announcement of the new Google has taken the opportunity to highlight some features of RCS messaging, such as the versatilitythe possibility of using many types of multimedia content and regardless of the availability of cellular network to be used. If you want to know more about RCS messaging, we suggest you read our complete in-depth analysis.

Google concluded the announcement with yet another jab at Apple on the RCS theme, emphasizing that there are now several big techs who rely on RCS messaging with the exception of Apple. The house of Cupertino, as reported by Google, it refuses to evolve with RCS continuing to rely on SMS. According to Google, this means keeping its users, who also receive messages from Android devices, stop in the 90s.

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