Pixel recorder gets smarter with new update

For a couple of years now Google offers some interesting apps reserved for its own Pixel, and among these we certainly find his voice recorder. In the last few hours just the google recorder received a new update.

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The just released update for the Recorder app from Google introduces a new quantum smart functionality. It’s about the possibility of identify and label the various speakers who speak within the same audio recording.

We remind you that the Google recorder is capable of transcribe automatically the recorded audio, a very convenient feature for those who use the recorder in the context educational or work. With the new feature it will also be possible add labels of the speaking speakers within the transcript.

The screenshots you find in the gallery below show the feature in action for those who managed to enable it with the version 4.2 of the app. When I first use the app will ask for permission to enable the speaker recognition functionality within the same audio recording.

For everything to work well, Google explains, the audio recording will need to be temporarily saved (for a few minutes) locally, to allow the speech recognition models Google to identify recorded voices and then label them correctly within the transcript.

Functionality is can be activated and deactivated through the app settings, and also makes the manual edit of the segments associated with the various speakers within the same transcript.

The update for the Recorder app should be being distributed automatically through the Play Store, corresponding to the version 4.2. Below you will find the button for the direct download from the Play Store (provided you have a compatible smartphone).

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