Immigrant crossings in Yuma are still at an all-time high

The head of the Yuma branch says that in November, an average of 750 migrants crossed the border every day

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) – The Yuma border remains busy as a group of about 50 people waited patiently for Border Patrol agents Thursday morning.

Immigrants wait to be apprehended by Border Patrol agents on Dec. 1 in Yuma

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), more than 25,000 people are at risk, which remains historically high. The emigrants moved to Yuma in October.

It is 15% more than last year.

And while the November numbers aren’t official yet, Photos posted on Twitter by Yuma Division Chief Chris Clem show an average of more than 750 crossings each day.

Oberlin Garcia Suarez of Cuba was one of the first to cross in December, saying he left home because of an oppressive government.

“There is a dictatorship in our country, if we think against them, they put us in prison,” said García Suárez.

He adds that the journey to reach this point in America was not easy.

Oberlin Garcia Suarez boarded the CBP van.

“We had to travel through countries we didn’t know and had never been to,” Garcia Suarez said.

It is a journey that is far from over, as he was arrested by local agents shortly after our interview.

Garcia Suarez hopes to go to El Paso, Texas, but must first apply for asylum.

He was loaded into a Border Patrol vehicle and taken to the Yuma CBP headquarters.

Border Patrol operations will involve thousands more this month.

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