Esselunga Flyer Special Multimedia and Appliances

Throughout the month of December long S offers discounts and promotions thanks to its flyer “Special Multimedia and Household Appliances” which, as the title recalls, offers a wide variety of tech products, ranging from smartphones and TVs, which have always been great protagonists of the Esselunga flyer, up to small and large household appliances, passing through telephone accessories, games, decoders, gaming chairs and books.

The offers are valid from from December 1st to the end of December 31st. In short, a promotion that will accompany us until the last night of the year.

Flyer cover for the 43 inch samsung led tv which is offered at 319 euros, for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A23 5Gat 198 euros, and for the Bosch stick brooma 94,99 euro.
But the opportunities are really many: browse the flyer here.

As always, some offers are reserved for holders of the Fidaty Card discount card which also gives access to a further promotion: those who buy a smartphone featuring, in the offer, a special stickeryou can also add the Jaz Limited Edition over-ear headphones (by SBS) made exclusively for Esselunga to your cart.

The Esselunga flyer, as always, is valid until products run out, while to consult all the points of sale participating in the initiative, just visit the site of the Lombard brand.

The Lombard chain has also just launched the traditional big Christmas contest which, this year, also coincides with the 65th anniversary the opening, in Milan, of its first store, which can count on a prize pool of over 28 million euros.

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