Creating agility, friendship: These Straub Bootcampers find purpose in knitting

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A holiday surprise in the form of a colorful gift was presented to the Straub Outpatient Cancer Center.

A group of Straub employees from various departments came together to donate beautiful quilts they had knitted to the cancer center.

Every week, like clockwork, this group of coworkers resolves their physical fitness with after-work workouts in the parking lot of Straub Medical Center.

They build muscle, agility and friendship.

They even have the same name – Straub Bootcampers.

“Over the years we’ve started meeting more and more. It’s become more of a social network,” Straub Bootcamper Dr. Rebecca Fu said.

“It was, ‘Okay.’ Let’s meet with one goal.”

This goal has led to volunteering for a variety of causes, from helping out at homeless shelters to working with charities.

But never in their wildest dreams did the Bootcampers think they would ever be knitting.

Led by knitting instructor, cancer survivor, and Bootcamper emeritus Sue Keola, the team excelled at turning yarn into something beautiful.

“We had sixteen people attend the first session,” said Sue Keola, owner of Isle Knit. “It was huge for me.”

Their star stitch is a textile innovation.

“I don’t know where that came from,” Matt Yasuda said. “It’s just way out of my wheelhouse. I didn’t expect to do well at all.”

This brings us to the heart of this story – the group’s goal for their latest endeavor together.

In knitting circles, they worked on blankets.

On Monday, they donated to the Straub Outpatient Cancer Center.

“This is the first time we’ve created something unique as a team with Xu’s expertise and help,” Fu said. “Hopefully this is the first of many.”

Blankets are just the beginning.

The Bootcampers are officially into knitting, and they have another collaborative knitting project in the works.

But this is a secret now.

And in case you’re wondering, their weekly practice isn’t open.

Like a good cross stitch, Bootcampers are tougher than ever.

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