5 reasons to buy a vertical mouse for €16 (Amazon)

Spending hours and hours in front of the computer is now a habit. For leisure, study or work, it happens to you too and let me tell you: that discomfort you feel on your wrist once you go to bed at night is not entirely causal. Do you know what the problem is? The mouse.

Well yes, even if they are the most popular on the market, the classic mice are not suitable for prolonged use. Luckily I found this model vertical e wireless that’s scary. Complete with everything for yourself 16€ you can not miss it on Amazon, take advantage of the 20% discount now.

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Vertical and wireless mouse – you should have one

The reasons why you need to buy a vertical mouse are very simple and not abstract. Briefly, I can summarize them in three essential points:

  • having one fully ergonomic shapedoes not stress the joints and keeps the wrist in the correct position, which does not happen with a more classic model;
  • was specially designed for people who spend long hours in front of the screen;
  • it almost always presents gods additional keys thanks to which you make work more intuitive.

mouse verticale

Of course you must be wondering where the other two missing points are. Well, we can relate these to this model in particular.

  • being a wireless product it leaves you with all the freedom you are looking for. This model in particular uses a USB micro receiver to connect to your devices.
  • ha 3 DPI levels adjustable and one battery that lasts 18 months for maximum comfort.

mouse verticale

I could go on and on, but in my opinion these are 5 essential reasons why you should switch to a wireless mouse.

Are you ready? Then don’t miss out on this model discounted on Amazon for only €16.

Shipments are fast and free throughout Italy.

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