with this SUPER OFFER you spend € 1.45 per month

Il Black Friday is the right opportunity for activate a new VPN. Settling for a free VPN exposes you to a number of limitations, both in terms of security and connection speed. Thanks to the Black Friday promotions of the month, however, it is the right time to activate a new VPN at a very low price.

With the new offer from Atlas VPN, in fact, they are enough 1.45 euros per month to be able to use a very complete and secure VPN that allows simultaneous use with an unlimited number of devices, also guaranteeing complete multi-platform support thanks to the applications available on all the most popular operating systems.

Atlas VPN’s Black Friday deal is really great. Just choose the 2 Year VPN Plan to obtain 6 additional months freefor a total of 30 months of subscription, plus one 85% discount on the cost of the VPN which will involve an expense equivalent to 1.45 euros per month for an outlay of around 43 euros.

Atlas VPN’s offer comes with one 30 day money back guaranteewhich allows the user to change their mind, and can be activated online through the Atlas VPN website, linked below, in just a few clicks.

Atlas VPN’s Black Friday deal is staggering – just € 1.45 per month

Atlas VPN offers a truly complete and secure VPN service with the possibility of using a unlimited number of devices at the same time. It should also be noted that theabsence of bandwidth limitations allows you to obtain an optimal navigation speed.

Security is guaranteed by the AES-256, ChaCha20 and IPSec/IKEv2 encryption and with i tunnels made by WireGuard. There is also an integrated service of AdBlock and a system that blocks malware and phishing attempts. Atlas VPN also offers one network of over 750 servers to allow a fast and secure connection in all conditions.

With the’Black Friday offertherefore, Atlas VPN costs only 1.45 euros per month. Just choose the 2 Year Plan to get an additional 6 months for free. The total cost for a 30-month subscription is around 43 euros. Activation can be done directly online, from the Atlas VPN website.

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