Wear OS 3 doesn’t get along well with some third-party watch faces – problems for the AOD

The launch of Pixel Watch (here you can find our review) represented an important step forward for Google, not only from the point of view hardware, but also with regards to it software developmentstarted with a completely renewed operating system (Wear OS 3, in Pixel Watch arrived at version 3.5) and the decision to release one update per year as for Android

And just the latest iteration of Wear OS seems to underlie a problem concerning theAOD (Alway On Display, always on display), the functionality of keeping it screen always on while giving up some autonomy.

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Some users have indeed discovered in their new Pixel Watch that some dials are not perfectly compatible with the AOD, as the screen inexorably goes out after about 15 minutes (a time that varies from user to user), and to reactivate it you need to either touch it or turn your wrist (if the function tilt-to-wake is active).

The problem was then replicated using the dial Looks also on Fossil Gen 6 Wellness, a smartwatch released with Wear OS 3but not with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (also released with Wear OS 3 but with the proprietary One UI interface).

But what is going on? Investigating the matter, the developer of Pixel Minimal Watch Face found that the problem affects quadrants not created using the library Jetpack Watch Facethat has achieved stability in December last year.

The problem can therefore be solved in two ways: either the developers update theirs dials using the new librarywhich (if it ever happens) will take some time, or Google puts his hand directly into Wear OS 3.

From what you can understand by reading the page of IssueTracker, the BigG could opt for the second hypothesis. After giving routine responses and having closed the bug report rather hastily, the company contacts were inundated with a series of reports and reopened it, stating that the development team is studying the problem in depth.

That said, disable theAOD is definitely one of the first actions which we advise you to accomplish for increase autonomy from Pixel Watchwhich unfortunately does not shine particularly from this point of view.

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