Wachter students come up with a fun fundraiser to pay for a trip to Washington, DC

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – For the past 15 years, Erika Kuehl has taken a group of eighth graders to Washington, DC. This is an optional school trip; students pay themselves.

But every year Mrs. Quale does her best to attract as many students as possible to the trip.

These include funding; They sell everything from lottery tickets to cookie dough.

This year, she’s putting an old-school twist on a fundraiser she hopes will help more students make the trip to the nation’s capital.

You could say that Jax Heck doesn’t have a cunning bone in his body.

“Not at all. I’m not even into art,” says Heck, an 8th-grader at Wachter High School.

But on this night, Huck decides to be an artist. He and some friends from school make flag pins using beads and safety pins.

Brayden Schock has done it before, when he was in first grade.

“It will come back. I have many memories,” said Shok.

He hopes he can get enough of these pins to make new memories in Washington, DC.

“I want every student to go here. I think their experience will be amazing for them. Everything we learn in eighth grade; they see everything,” explained their teacher, Erica Quale.

While working, they talk about the things they are most excited to see.

“I’ve never been there,” Heck said.

“I’m looking forward to learning how the Declaration of Independence was written,” Schock added.

At a cost of just over $2,400 per person, these boys know that every penny they can raise will help.

“This trip is expensive,” said Michael Moran, a Wachter eighth-grader who plans to go on the trip.

“I’m not really into acting, but this is a fundraiser to help out,” added classmate Zach Tsosik.

Tschosik hopes to make at least ten of these hides. He is gradually mastering it.

Tschosik said: “It will be easier as we go forward.

And he knows the trip will be a little more special because of the work he’s put into it now.

If you want to buy a flag code, follow this link to order form.

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