Try the renewed Google Home app: just register!

There is an air of news at Google, after the launch of its new ones smartphone top di gamma on the market. After the Pixel 7, Google plans to make some interesting improvements for its app Google Home.

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The app for managing all smart devices connected to your Google account is about to receive a all new version. We are talking about the great graphic restyling for the Google Home app, of which we had a taste over the past few weeks.

On this front there are news because Google has just registration is open to the public preview of the app. This means everyone who gets it will enrolland who will receive approval from Google, will be able to try the new Google Home app firsthand.

The procedure to register is very simple:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Access the section Settings.
  3. Access the section Public preview.
  4. Confirm your choice of invitation request.

Below you will find the screenshot which show the main steps of the procedure to apply to request the invitation.

Once you have requested the invitation you should receive a message from Google, with which it comes confirmed receiving the invitation. The team will screen the requests and then approve the eligible ones.

Once approval is received you will be notified directly from the Google Home app with the invitation to to install the new app in public preview. However, Google warns that since this is a public preview it will be possible to run into some bug of youth.

Per more details on what the brand new Google Home app includes we suggest you consult this our article in which we explain it in detail.

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