Today is Alexa’s birthday, but the present (and what a present!) Is for you

Today is birthday from Alexa. It’s been 4 years since the very famous voice assistant arrived on our market and now dominates in many homes and offices in Italy. Thanks to her it is easy to find any type of information, but also to manage the smart home in an intuitive and effective way. A handsome assistant, who nevertheless does not forget to be nice and entertain when necessary.

To celebrate its birthday, Amazon has decided to offer its customers a beautiful gift:

Users in Italy who from 6 November until 13 November will say “Alexa, Happy Birthday”, will in fact have the opportunity to receive 3 months of free Audible, to discover thousands of new Audiobooks, Podcasts and Audible originals. All that remains is to join in a choral celebration: “Alexa, Happy Birthday!”.

Alexa is having a birthday: an ever-growing success

I’m more and more Italians who choose a smart speaker with the famous voice assistant on board. This implies a continuous growth of its use. Just to give a few examples, this year alone 800 million alarms and timers, 120 million reminders and 45 million shopping lists have been set. In fact, there are 28 million calls made. Impressive data, which represent only a small part of the interactions of Italians with Alexa.

For example, it’s a great tool for to listen at any time ours musica favorite, coming from the most famous streaming platforms such as Music Unlimited, Amazon Music or Spotify. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the enormous help in managing the smart home: in 2022 there are approximately 1.8 billion interactions with connected devices.

Interesting regional growth data:

… although Lombardy is the first region in Italy for active users, it is Molise that has established itself as the region in Italy that has recorded the greatest growth in active users who have used Alexa in 2022, + 56%, while the Campania region having chosen Alexa for the management of the smart home, with a 62% increase routinely compared to 2021. And if it is not surprising that Rome is the first Italian province in terms of number of interactions, what is striking is that it was the province of Agrigento to record the most significant growth, with + 63% year on year.

In short, Alexa is increasingly a family member or a tireless office colleague. The reason she is chosen probably lies in the extreme simplicity of use. Everyone can quickly learn how to interact with Amazon’s voice assistant, everyone can take advantage of the thousands of Skills, real applications that expand its potential. Above all, creating specific routines to manage your daily life is easy and really useful.

Confirming the success of Amazon’s voice assistance in Italy are the words of Gianmaria Visconti, Amazon Alexa Country Manager in Italy:

“Of these first 4 years, 2022 has been the most exciting in terms of growth: just think that of the over 17 billion interactions made with Alexa from 2018 to today, 8 billion have occurred this year alone. And again in 2022, according to the analysis conducted by GFK together with ServicePlan on Best Brands 2022, Alexa was included in the Best Product ranking of the 10 most loved Italian brands. To confirm this success are the continuous demonstrations of affection by users throughout Italy, who rely on Alexa every day to manage their days, from waking up to bedtime, and to have fun with music, recipes, to stay informed or to manage the smart home. “

We just have to wish happy birthday to Alexa and continue to rely on her for daily activities. Don’t forget to redeem yours giftthe instructions are present at the beginning of the article.

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