These could be the first references to the Pixel 8

After getting to know the Pixel 7 in detail, the smartphone top of the range of Google for 2022, you immediately start thinking about new generation.

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We refer clearly to the Pixel 8, the flagships that Google should launch between just under a year. In fact, in the last few hours, what appear to be i have emerged online first references absolutely to the new Pixel 8 that should have in the pipeline.

The usual Roland Quandt, has just reported that he has unearthed some interesting references to gods new models of smartphones within the code of Android 14, the new major update of the green robot that will arrive with the name Upside Down Cake. These references indicate the presence of “Husky” e “Shiba“.

These two devices could correspond to the next ones Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Pro. Both should come with 12 GB of RAM, while the former should have a resolution display 2.822 x 1.344 pixel and the second a display with full HD resolution from 2.268 x 1.080 pixel.

So it could be that Husky matches the Pro variant, given the higher resolution supported.

The rumors circulating on the net indicate that there should be no particular news in terms of designwith the permanence of the usual rear bar for the camera which now characterizes the Google Pixel series.

What has just surfaced online is to be taken with pliers because they are references found in a non-finalized code. There is almost a year left until the launch of the Pixel 8 e many surprises they may still be lurking.

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