there are BIG problems with iOS 16.1

There seems to be a major new problem related to updating the Apple for melafonini, iOS 16. In fact, many users report an annoying bug that brings a green screen after Spotlight search and a panel freeze following some operations. Let’s try to understand what is happening.

We all know that when an update is released there may be bugs, large and small, but still annoying. So after the rollout of iOS 16, many users have reported that there are numerous problems with the operating system. The one in question is about the series iPhone 14but also the 2021 line-up.

iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro: What Happens with iOS 16.1?

As a matter of fact, it has emerged that the iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro issue a strange bug when the screen is locked. There are problems with the animation of the device and, sometimes, it almost seems that the device stops working completely. Early users reported this bug after installing iOS 16.1 which came to the public last week. The tech forums are full of reports to this effect and we even report Mole’s video showing the bug in action.

It can be observed that iPhone 14 Pro screen freezes when looking for something from Spotlight. The user who uploaded the short to YouTube shows the device that fails to work properly. Once in the search, the software “freezes”.

As if that weren’t enough, iPhone 13/13 Pro owners report a strange problem that turns the entire phone screen into a green panel useless (as can be seen from the photo).

The problem, again, arose after the update to iOS 16. Once the display turns green, the panel becomes unusable. If your phone is under warranty, take it to an Apple Service Center to have it replaced and ask for help. Hopefully iOS 16.2 fixes all of these embarrassing bugs. Meanwhile, we point out that iPhone 14 continues to drop in price on Amazon; Now you can take it home with € 979.00 instead of 1029,00 €.

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