The union is calling for more campus security monitors on CCSD campuses

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – When it comes to safety in schools, campus security monitors are at the forefront. On Saturday, the union representing security personnel told CCSD Superintendent Isa Jara that they are severely understaffed and underfunded.

The Education Support Staff Association (ESEA) presents a campus security monitoring position. Campus security officers are often the first to respond to fights, confiscated weapons or other calls on campus.

On Saturday, they announced the changes they want to make to match the value of these roles.

ESEA organizer Shelley Seeberg said times are changing. There are more mental health issues, more guns and drugs brought to school, and campus security officers need to be properly trained and staffed at every school.

“Many of the types of crises are issues that they deal with every day. And by having a shortage of seats that aren’t filled, they don’t really feel like they’re keeping the campus as safe as it should be,” Zeiberg said.

There is often such a shortage on campus because ESEA says campus security monitors are recruited to cover other places that do not mean security.

“We had a security guard say for three days that he knew the gym because the gym teacher was gone, they couldn’t get the gym teacher,” Zeiberg said.

Maintenance was difficult. ESEA says about a third of CSMs earn less than $15 an hour. The average salary for a high school CSM is $16.94 per hour.

Seeberg explained that the job will take nine months and they want to see it become full time.

“In the summer months, when they only work for 9 months, they find another job and often don’t come back. And then it’s a whole new person that kids have to learn, you know, there’s this whole learning curve,” Zeiberg said.

ESEA provided the current numbers of CSMs on CCSD campuses:

All 50 high schools have a CSM: Six high schools have one.

All 63 high schools have CSMs: Almost half have one or two CSMs.

17 out of 232 primary schools have a CSM. 225 people don’t have it.

ESEA would like to see a standard number of CSMs on each campus.

“We have some high schools that have 12 schools. And then we have other schools that have other schools, so it’s all about the board, and you know, I know as a parent, I’m a grandmother, and I want to make sure that these schools are safe. “, said Zeberg.

Currently, there are 63 CSM vacancies.

Seeberg said they hope to begin negotiating with CCSD soon.

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