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Very little left at the end of theAmazon Black Friday and, among the products on offer that you still have the opportunity to take home, the Ugreen dual port USB C charger it’s a tool you can’t do without. All of us, at home, have multiple electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets which, for work or other needs, often need to be recharged as quickly as possible and at the same time. Thanks to this very useful accessory, the recharging operation will be completed extremely quickly for all the devices you decide to connect, relying on the incredible performance of the two USB Type C ports.

An opportunity to take advantage of today, before Black Friday ends: complete your order on Amazon now and, with one 15% initial discount to which is added the coupon with 10% discountthis USB C charger will be yours with only 22 euro.

Caricabatterie USB C a 2 porte in sconto all’Amazon Black Friday

This USB C charger can count on a power of 40W (20W + 20W): it supplies energy to your smartphones and tablets at the same time, halving the time required to complete the operation on both devices. It will take just 30 minutes to restore 58% of autonomy to your iPhone. The small size and light weight make the charger easy to carry. Excellent construction quality, which guarantees strength and durability. Maximum safety during use, thanks to the integration of a particular chip that will prevent short circuits, overvoltages, overheating and overcurrents.


Hurry, before availability runs out, e add to cart your new Ugreen dual port USB C charger: in addition to paying much less thanks to the Amazon Black Friday offer, you will receive it at home in a short time and it will be your best purchase of the day.

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