The return of the Kirin chips? Huawei responds to the rumors

Rumors have recently begun to circulate on the Chinese social network Weibo to a possible return of the Kirin chips. These processors were manufactured by Huawei and used in their smartphone ecosystem, but following US sanctions the company was no longer able to provide itself with the technologies necessary for their development. Nowadays only very few phones use them, and they are certainly not flagships.

According to some bloggers, the Kirin should return to production in 2023; moreover, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, has stated several times that next will be the year in which the company will return “to the throne”, suggesting a return in a big way.

The rumors have grown to such an extent that Huawei has had to express itself on the issue. Will 2023 be the year of the Kirin chips? Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to Huawei, in fact, the obstacles are many.

In the first place, it is practically impossible to find chip manufacturers using technologies not developed by the United States: this is a problem, because Huawei, due to the sanctions, cannot use any US technology in its smartphones. For the time being, therefore, it would appear that the company has thrown in the towel on the chips.

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