The miracle lives up to its name, assisting the birth of a sister when the mother goes into sudden labor

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – North County Fire and Rescue and Central County 911 first responders donned Class A uniforms Wednesday to honor 10-year-old Miracle Moore.

On October 23, Muchiza became a hero.

“He was in a lot of pain and I felt bad, so I wanted to help him,” Moore said as she was surrounded by family Wednesday night.

Miracle was at home with her mother, Viola, and her five-year-old sister, Taylor. The mother wasn’t supposed to give birth to her baby for another three weeks, but beautiful little Jayla decided to give birth early.

“It’s amazing,” explained Mother Viola Fairmark. “It’s great because I didn’t know what to do. I would leave. I didn’t know how to give birth.”

911 dispatcher Scott Stranghoner was guiding a miracle on the other end of the call.

“We make sure he’s got all the clothes off, he’s lying down, not sitting up, we have to get him towels and supplies before the baby comes,” Stranghoner said.

“He did amazing. He never questioned anything,” explained Strangeoner. “She did exactly what was asked of her and we ended up with a beautiful girl.”

Children tend to make the best dispatch calls because they listen to instructions better than adults, Strangeoner said

“You keep your voice down, try not to have any aggression or attitude,” Strangeoer said. “You make sure the baby is comfortable. You try to get their name and use their name to make them feel safe.”

“It was like a miracle in my face,” Viola said. “He was like you’re like, well you need something, you need to sleep, why can’t you stretch, you need my help and I’m like no. I was very grateful. “

“Mommy’s okay, mommy’s okay,” Miracle said on the 911 call, trying to calm Viola down.

“My baby was like, he’s really not getting enough oxygen when he comes out,” Fire said. “[EMS] didn’t want to tell you. They were like we’re taking the baby from you, he might be crying, are you okay, look at him, his eyes are open. I was really grateful for that. “

“Everything went perfect,” said paramedic Blake Alisa. “I couldn’t have asked for a better miracle or anyone else on stage. everyone played their role. I haven’t seen it before. I have been working as a paramedic for five months. he is very brave for what he did. “

To celebrate this miracle, Scott and other first responders brought Christmas a little early for the Moors.

It is clear that Baby Jayla is the biggest gift of this season.

“She is really beautiful. She doesn’t cry a lot and I cry a lot,” said Miracle.

Miracle said that the whole experience makes her think that she can have a medical career, but first she wants to pass the fourth grade.

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