The foldable iPhone will revolutionize the market

We talk more and more about the infamous Foldable iPhone, yet there are no certain rumors, real indiscretions and news from the front of this product. Despite this, we read news about it practically every week. Little and nothing is known, but one thing is certain: when it arrives on the market, it will revolutionize the telephony sector. You don’t need to be an apple fan to say it, just look at the past. When the Cupertino OEM launches something, it immediately becomes a trend then copied by competitors: smartwatches, TWS headphones, iPhone X with notch, now iPhone 14 Pro with Dynamic Island, iPad and so on.

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Foldable iPhone: what do we know today?

In an article that we read from the portal of SamMobile, a publisher talks about Apple’s probable entry into the world of foldables; at some point it will be inevitable for Tim Cook’s company to enter this industry. Leaflets are becoming more and more popular and more and more users want one.

In a nutshell, will Apple copy the others and come last? Not really.

It can be said that the apple has always played a solo game; let’s think of Dynamic Island, for example. Manufacturers were experimenting with UDC (under screen camera) solutions, tiny holes for cameras and more, so they were all ahead of Apple in this sense, yet here we are again to see that many brands are developing similar solutions (Realme, Redmi , Xiaomi and so on).

In short, the truth is that often Apple does not invent anything; the company is always lagging behind the competition, yet when it comes out on the market with a feature it does so in a big way bringing something exceptional from a technical point of view that cannot be ignored and that, above all, takes more hold than its Android counterparts. It is said that Cook’s company sets trends and believes new trends. What do you think about it?

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