The colorful tower of Las Vegas gets good and bad attention

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – All eyes are on a mansion with a unique personality in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

Brandon Bowski’s home is as colorful as his personality. “I was originally going to wear a really funny outfit and just mess with you guys, just wear the shadow uniform,” Bowski said. His style is clearly shown.

His downtown Las Vegas home, which he bought in September for nearly $2.5 million, is what he calls one of his dream homes.

“I came here for a bunch of trade shows, I had a bunch of friends here, and I was like, it’s cool to hang out with you guys, I’ve got to find a place here,” Bowski said. It happened then. For several reasons he decided to live at home.

By the age of 30, Bowski had achieved success in various endeavors. He’s lived all over the country, but mostly in Florida, but he says he fell in love with Las Vegas.

“I found Vegas and being in Colorado is close enough to California that I can’t stand the people in Florida, so this is a great opportunity for me to get the best of both worlds,” Bowski said.

The home show is a reflection of his love for art.

“I collect a lot of art, visual art is what I collect for me, I really like geometric shapes. Geometric art is great,” Bowski said.

Brovsky spent $50,000 to bring in artists from around the country.

Like Megan Walker, an artist from Colorado who moved here with her boyfriend just for this project.

“This is Jake and I creating something for the first time,” Megan said. “Basically, we’ve been going with really colorful abstract tunnels that are really separated or something that flows,” Megan said.

Megan and Jake have been artists for over a decade, both specializing in psychedelic abstract art. Together they create this work of art from spray paint cans.

“It’s kind of a nod to the ancient patterns of the Aztec and Mayan culture, which is like deep perspective,” Jake Amazon said.

And three people working together with a lot of time, energy and of course vision.

While it’s a work of art, we’ve found some neighbors who aren’t too thrilled about it.

None of them wanted to be on camera for obvious reasons, which is an eyesore…

Clark County officials say Bowski is lucky the area isn’t under an HOA…which means he has full reign over his home.

Some neighbors think it’s great.

Joanne Wright lives in the neighborhood and says she saw the house before coming to the neighborhood

“It’s very colorful, it’s very unusual, I think it’s a gift to the neighborhood, where you have the freedom of decorations that make you the happiest and proudest of your home,” Rost said.

Welcome Bowski says he feels happy about it.

“Vegas is really cool, it’s great to be in America where you can do that, there’s a lot of places in the world where you can’t paint a piece in your house,” Bowski said.

A place he is proud to call home.

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