the best robot vacuum cleaner at the HISTORIC MINIMUM (-150€)

Say goodbye to endless hours of thorough cleaning in every room. With this offer from Amazon you can make a real coup and save money and time. Put it in your cart now Neato D800 robot vacuum cleaner for only 249 eurosinstead of 399.99 euros.

With this 38% discount you will have a saving of almost 151 euros. No more sweeping or vacuuming hair or pet hair. While you relax, your robot vacuum cleaner reaches every corner of your home, passing through every room and cleaning efficiently rapid it’s perfect. Every day one complete cleaning also preventing allergens from spreading in the rooms. An offer not to be missed, among other things, if you want you can also pay in interest-free installments with Cofidis at check-out.

Neato D800: the super robot with an ingenious shape

Most robot vacuum cleaners are round and this prevents them from reaching certain parts of the room. While Neato D800 it has a D shape, and this allows it to reach the dirt even in the corners and along the walls. In addition, the spiral brush manages to capture dust and anything else on any surface.

Through the MyNeato app you can control the robot, program a routine to clean every day as you want and create areas where access is prohibited. It features smart technology with navigation and laser mapping so as to get to each room overcoming obstacles. Autonomy of 90 minutes and returns to the charging base automatically when it is about to run out.


Take advantage of this offer too but hurry because there are few units available. Go to Amazon now and buy yours Neato D800 robot vacuum cleaner for only 249 eurosinstead of 399.99 euros.

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