St. Joseph’s Church Williston receives the American flag from the US Congress

WILLISTON, NY (KUMV) – St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Willison now has close ties to Washington, DC.

Students and staff demanded a replacement of their current flag after it became worn and worn. The school was given a flag that was hoisted on top of the US Capitol building. The flag donated to the school has special meaning because it once flew over the heart of American democracy.

“It is also of special importance that it flew over the US Capitol. So for our kids to realize how connected we are, it’s another great day for the school and for our kids,” said parent Russell Kowash.

Mayor Howard Klug and several local veterans were in attendance.

St. Joe’s sixth graders raise and lower the flag each day.

American flag at St. Joseph’s Church, Williston(KFYR)

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