Sony image sensors will have a new name, the LYTIA brand is born

Like all fans of smartphone and the world of technology in general they know well, most of sensors d’image present in the phones is created by Sony, but evidently the company thinks it has not given the issue enough emphasis.

So here is that the Japanese giant announced the brand LYTIAwhich will characterize the futures image sensors specific for mobile devices.

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The brand had been filed last year, an event that had given rise to several speculations, but now it is clear how Sony wants to increase the customer perceptionallowing them to understand the benefits of their products and thus strengthening the identity of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) in general.

The ad is pretty generic and doesn’t go into much detail. Sony limited itself to explaining how LYTIA derives from the combination of the letters of Lyra (the constellation) and the word light (light) and represent the crystallization of technology and the company’s passion in the field of smartphone photography. In general, both the official page that the presentation video (below), focus on the characteristics of the Sony image sensorswhich allow a faithful reproduction of the colorsability to capture the luce, shutter speed for moving subjects and excellent results in conditions poor lighting.

Sony then also retraces the history of photography for smartphones and how its technology thehas changed. While undoubtedly true, although now with the new image sensors from 200 MP Samsung and Omnivision are shaking up the industry, at this point gods are born doubts.

Sony sensors have in fact always been named with the brand SMEs: with the arrival of Lytia it will be destined to to disappear? The Japanese company has not given any indications in this regard, limiting itself to declaring that Lytia will continue to evolve to allow you to share the most important moments and for the future they are also developing cutting-edge technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) e AR (augmented reality).

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