SMART decoder for €23 (FREE WiFi antenna)

The transition to DTT it can be a great time to make old television smarter. All you need is the right device. For example, this decoder smart it’s perfect for continuing to watch your favorite shows, but it also comes with additional features. Indeed, it is a media playerfirst of all: you can connect your external memories and play the contents that are on board. Furthermore, you can connect it to the Internet via an Ethernet or WiFi port and access other features such as news or YouTube viewing.

Taking advantage of the discount Amazon of the moment, you can take home an excellent bundle at a mini price. Indeed, completing the order on the flywith around €23 as soon as you get the device and also the necessary adapter (an antenna) to enable the connection WiFi. Shipments are absolutely fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

Digital terrestrial: the smart decoder is at a great discount

Very easy to connect and configure, thanks to the double output, you can use an adapter HDMI or – even – one SCART. This means it is also perfect for older TVs. Through remote controller included, you can quickly complete setup and start watching your favorite channels.

As anticipated, thanks to the additional functions, you can connect external memories using the front USB port or – using the same port – connect the specific WiFi antenna and connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a great deal on Amazon: complete the order on the fly to grab the kit consisting of smart decoder for digital terrestrial e antenna WiFi. Get everything for just around €23 and shipping is absolutely fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services. Be quick, availability in very limited promotion.

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