Sioux Falls is accepting proposals for a downtown parking lot

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The City of Sioux Falls is now accepting proposals to develop a downtown parking ramp and adjacent vacant lot located at 140 East Tenth Street.

The Sioux Falls City Council approved an ordinance allowing the lease and/or sale of a site located in downtown Sioux Falls. The list will be published live on the city’s website on November 7, 2022. The project team will begin reviewing proposals in January 2023.

“The City of Sioux Falls has already received a lot of interest from industry leaders in this opportunity,” said Erica Beck, Chief of Staff to the Mayor. “Building a vibrant downtown has helped Sioux Falls grow economically, and we look forward to seeing the great visions others have for this space that will help our community thrive.”

The property has an existing parking ramp with 525 parking spaces on six levels and a vacant lot facing Tenth Street.

The parking ramp currently contains utilities for private development above and to the side of the ramp. The parking ramp also has a main level waste collection point and an existing lift with capacity for additional lift shafts.

Dustin Powers, Business Development Co-ordinator: “This site has incredible potential and we look forward to the proposals focusing on creating density, functionality, connectivity and walkability and maximizing the investment that has already been made with quality design and materials. do.”

The City will use its sales negotiation process to solicit proposals and negotiate the lease and/or purchase of all or a portion of the property, including the parking ramp.

The project team leads this process. The team includes representatives from the City Council, the Parking Advisory Board, the 2035 Downtown Plan Advisory Committee, and city leadership in planning and development, finance, public works and public parking.

For more information, visuals and an overview of the negotiated sales process, visit SiouxFalls.Org/Business/Real-Estate.

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