mega kit 100 in 1 a 21€ su Amazon (Black Friday)

Al Black Friday Amazon space also for DIY opportunities. This outstanding kit 100 in 1 Stanley it is a premium product, which boasts all the inserts you may need during your work. Kept in a super protective case, now you can get everything for just around €21: an exceptional deal. Complete your order on the flyif stocks are not already finished, shipments are fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

What’s inside the mega set? Of everything:

42 x 25mm bits. 13 inserts of 50 mm cut and cross. 1 countersink. 7 socket wrenches. 4 hole saws diameter. 1 hole saw chuck with pilot drill bit. 5 spikes per wall. 13 wood drill bits. 13 Titanium metal drill bits. Case included.

These are inserts and accessories universalwhich you can mount on your handle, drill or electric screwdriver: you won’t have to buy a specific one.

Don’t miss your chance to grab a mouthwatering deal with this one kit 100 in 1 Stanley. Complete your order on the fly and Amazon to get it for just about €21. Shipments are absolutely fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services. Availability in limited promotion, occasion Black Friday.

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