Love Is Blind’s Cole on judging women, ‘harming’ family bond

Despite him proposing Zanab Jaffrey he Love is blind, Cole Barnett he later admitted that he considered him a fellow contestant Colleen Reed was more attractive – on the face of his fiancee.

“I mean, it’s really hard just to remember everything,” Cole, 27, exclusively said. Us Weekly watching your Netflix experience. “Everything that just feels out of character and I’m like, ‘I didn’t feel that way. I don’t know why it happened that way.’ I mean, the women judging thing was really funny to watch. I thought it was very disgusting to even judge people. Like, that’s just ridiculous.”

Love Is Blind's Cole admits it was 'disgusting' to 'judge' Zanab and Colleen

Cole and Zanab with Colleen inserted. Netflix (2)

After leaving the pod, the estate agent told the 31-year-old London native that he thought the 26-year-old ballerina was a “10 out of 10”. By comparison, he thought Zanab was a “9 out of 10,” which made the flight attendant feel insecure.

Cole doubled down on his stance when he told Colleen that he thought she was very attractive and the type of girl he would pursue in the “real world”. The PR strategist, for his part, rejected his advances and remained focused on her engagement Matt Bolton. However, 27-year-old Matt was upset by the news, feeling sorry for Zanab because of their similar situations.

After Zanab confronted her then-boyfriend, Cole ended up upset that his fiancee seemed to be “Team Matt” instead of being on his side, suggesting that the foursome should “swap fiancees”. Despite their heated arguments, both couples managed to get their relationships back on track ahead of the finale. As Cole and Zanab try to work through their issues, his family’s absence from their trip also puts a strain on their relationship.

The Texas native told Zanab during their post-spoof experience that his parents weren’t interested in meeting her or attending their wedding. Cole’s parents shared a series of Bible quotes via text message, but had no further interest in appearing on the Netflix reality TV experiment.

Love Is Blind's Cole admits it was 'disgusting' to 'judge' Zanab and Colleen

“My family, all they could do was love and support me and they just didn’t sign up for this experiment, I did,” Cole opened up Us. “And then to see how I fought with them then, it’s just hard to watch because I care about my family the most and this experiment shouldn’t have damaged that relationship.”

Cole and Zanab eventually left the single experiment after the former fitness instructor said no at the wedding altar.

“I left him and did not expect an apology [for the things he said]”, she said Us her former partner. “I think a sincere apology would require a level of emotional maturity that he may not yet have. I never expected that [and] I don’t need it either because I forgave him. I forgave him the moment I left him.”

Cole, for his part, went on to admit that he regretted “hurting” Zanaba’s feelings during their time together.

“I regret the parts that I wish I could unsee, you know, and it’s in the parts that I wish I could undo, but the overarching relationship and my feelings for Zanab and all the connections that came out of this and what I learned about could I would say that I have no regrets at all,” he said Us. “You know, I wouldn’t trade all those things.”

Love is blind Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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