If you use emojis a lot, you will appreciate the new Gboard update

Gboard is the most used smartphone keyboard (here are the best ones for Android) in the world. Free, full of features and above all, whether we like it or not, already installed in our android phones.

But one of its most important features is that Google continues to refine the user experience, with constant updates that meet the most varied needs. Hence thethe last beta of the app will be particularly appreciated by those who use a lot of emoji, thanks to a graphic renewal which, although subtle, makes it easier selection.

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In fact, in the new version of Gboard we have the top bar which now includes

  • the “back” button
  • the name of the card (Everyone, emojis, stickers, etc)
  • the search field (always pill-shaped, but small in size)

Below you can see the card Allas it is now (left) and as it was before (right).

Left, the new Gboard. Source: 9to5Google

For the rest, the card remained unchanged, while the one it received more updates is the card Emoji (below, the new version on the left).

Now in fact we have Emoji Kitchen (the function that allows you to combine two emojis) just below the top bar, with the resulting emojis less crowded and easier to select.

Left, the new Gboard. Source: 9to5Google

Also there stickers card is now more tidy (image below), with the stickers spaced and more recognizable, while the tabs GIF ed Emoticon remain substantially unchanged, while benefiting from the new upper bar. Finally the search function (bottom image) appears more modern, and less crowded, which shifts more attention to what you are doing.

Left, the new Gboard. Source: 9to5Google

One user then noticed the lack of the “ABC” button that allows you to come back quickly to the keyboard. At the moment it is not clear if this is a bug or a design choice, which forces you to tap the new back button to be able to write, but being a beta it could be subject to change.

As said the new design appeared inlatest beta of Gboard released yesterday, and should arrive for all participants in the program in the next days.

Left, the new Gboard. Source: 9to5Google

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