How to remove a virus from an infected iPhone

In the end it happened: even if it is very unlikely, yours iPhone is infected with a computer virus.

Understanding this is very simple: you notice a excessive overheating, the battery does not last long, there are mysterious applications and messages and your phone does not behave as it should. Establishing the origin is not easy, but we can help you understand how to remove it.

Before proceeding, remember that to prevent also equip the iPhone of a great antivirus product is the best way to create a barrier between your phone and cyber attacks on the internet. A solution like Panda Domewhich you can have with an exceptional discountis perfect for your needs.

My iPhone has a virus, how do I remove it?

We assume that if your iPhone really has a virus you have to go back to the origin to remove it completely. Here we can exemplify in various ways: let’s say it is present a suspicious application that was certainly not installed by you, you will have to immediately remove it and restart the phone.

So let’s say that deleting mysterious applications is the simplest and most effective way to remove a virus from iPhones. The hope is that the attack is not powerful enough to force you into the most drastic of solutions: restoring factory settings, which would mean losing all your data.

Alternatively, you can try delete any browser search history you use to surf the internet and, after doing all these operations, always restart your phone.

iPhone Malware

Always remember that the best way to prevent that is yours iPhone being hit by a cyber attack is to avoid procedures such as the jailbreakunless you are a true expert, and to always keep your phone and the applications you have installed up to date.

Lastly, get one antivirus protection for iPhone like that guaranteed by Panda Domeone of the best solutions on the market, will give you the certainty that no virus will be able to overcome that barrier.

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